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Googles Search Quality GuidelinesAnd How to Use Them to Your Advantage

Search quality is an increasingly popular topic in the blogosphere because it can have a massive impact on rankings. Why is this so? Making sure users are sent to high-quality and trustworthy search results is critical for Google to safeguard their position as providing the best all-round search experience.

While this sounds a little vague, you can use Googles search quality to your advantage and get an edge over competitors. Did you know that Google publicly published their “Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, updated on July 27th, 2017? If you didnt, well now you do.

The documents 160-pages long, so presuming you dont consider a dense whitepaper leisurely reading, Ill list out the most important and actionable takeaways, so you can use them to your advantage.

Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines - Most Important Factors

In Googles whitepaper, they list out their holy-trio of most important factors when it comes to search quality. And here it is

EAT... Thats right, EAT... Expertise, Authority and Trust (EAT). Acronym choice aside, to establish quality, Google are looking at the expertise, authority and trustworthiness of the page and site. This includes things like the content quality and how aggressive ads are on your site. The reputation of the site and its authors, publicly-listed information about the site ownership, contact details, and several other factors.

Now we know whats important from a top-level perspective, lets zoom into actionable and practical takeaways straight out of the document that will affect the average Joe trying to nudge his way up the search results.

Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines—Key Takeaways

1. Real name, company name, and contact information listed on an about page. If you dont have this information listed on your website, why should Google, or anyone else for that matter, trust you? Better make sure you include it.

2. Excessive and unnatural internal structural links across sidebars and footers. If youve got 150-links in your footer, its obvious to Google youre trying to do something sneaky, so be conservative with the footer and sidebar links. Keep it restricted to the most important pages on your site or whats useful for your users.

3. Over monetization of content. Specifically, if you are disguising advertisements as main content, or your advertisements occupy more real-estate than the main content, than one of Googles search evaluators will probably flag your site as spam. Take a common-sense approach with your ads, dont overdo it!

4. List editors & contributors. Are you publishing a bunch of articles under pseudonyms or generic usernames? Listing editors and contributors, i.e. real people, is more trustworthy and will increase the perceived quality of your page.

5. Provide sources. Publishing generic articles en masse without any reputable sources? Youll get a better-quality assessment, and a higher ranking, if you list sources for your articles. Listing sources shows the writer has performed diligence in their research and increases the credibility of the page.

6. Financial transaction pages. All you drop-shippers and ecommerce retailers out there stand up and take note—pages associated with financial transactions (shopping cart, checkout, product pages, etc.) must link to policy pages for refunds, returns, delivery information, and the terms and conditions of your site. Think about it from the users perspective, if you are average Joe shopper thinking about buying something and the page doesnt list any of this information, how safe would you feel checking out?

7. Pages offering financial information must be of the highest quality. Google are stricter with these types of pages, as it falls into their “Your Money or Your Life” category—meaning it could affect the financial well-being of the user. If youre publishing this kind of content, make sure youre doing everything you can to provide high-quality, detailed articles, citing sources, fully disclosing financial relationships, and making it clear what author or company is behind the content.

That sums up the most important takeaways from the Google Search Evaluator Guidelines. If you havent got them in your site, work em in and youll get a leg up over your competitors, or worse, your rankings could suffer. And if you really, really want to sit down and read through the 160-page whitepaper on page-quality assessment, here it is for your enjoyment.

Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines - July 27th, 2017


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