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The Advantages Of Cidr Are Saving Space On The Bandwidth And Greater Efficiency

Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)RFC 1517, 1518, 1519 and 1520 specify CIDR features. CIDR removed the need for IP address classes and was yet another solution to the problem of IP address depletion. CIDR allows for something known as route aggregation, whereby a single route in a routing table can represent several network addresses, saving space and routing table size.Using CIDR, we no longer need to worry about the class system for addressing networks. Network administrators can now allocate address spaces on an as-needed basis rather than having to use a Class B address and waste thousands of spare addresses.CIDR also allows for supernetting. Supernetting enables you to advertise a summary of your network addresses, providing you have a contiguous block. For example, if you owned the networks up to, then you could advertise a single network out to the Internet. The advantages of CIDR are saving space on the bandwidth and greater eff…